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As human beings, we are incredibly intelligent, and this globe we all call home has a tremendous amount of resources on it to meet every need humans can possibly have. Every individual has the right to live a joyful life in peace and freedom. Therefore we are creators of things. We have the capability to create anything we need to improve life’s qualities of comfort, abundance, health, and happiness. For many years our freedom to advance in technologies and in creation has been suppressed, by the banking cartels, through the use of governmental force. And because of their greed, we have brought much destruction to our planet. This suppression they have been able to force upon us because we allowed them to control our monetary system. The banking cartels have control of the monetary systems in most countries on the planet. This has been the reason for the boom/bust cycles we have been experiencing in our economy. There are however a few countries who have finally booted out the central banks. Which are, Libia, Russia, The Philippines, Bolivia, Iran and now also Hungary. Will Canada be next?

Time for a New Chapter.

The aim of the thugs that are controlling the monetary systems, is to force all of humanity into one global prison. Destroying all of humanity’s freedom. And if you think that sounds bad enough, I’m not going to share here what else I have learned about these creeps. It is time we as free human beings wake up to the truth and take a stand against these Satanists. Stop paying those extortion fees called taxes. I believe We must begin implementing our own monetary system that is not controlled by any so-called government or banking system.

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TBC or The Billion Coin was designed to end global poverty. Its price is backed by the price of GOLD. This is the perfect silent protest against the central banking cartel. I believe it is high time that we as people begin using a monetary system that is not controlled by banks or governments. This is our only chance at gaining back the freedom we’ve lost, and begin to experience the peace and prosperity we deserve. Yes, we deserve to enjoy life. Ladies and gentlemen.

We Deserve to Enjoy Unlimited Free Energy.

Energy is one of the most suppressed technologies we have been facing for the past 100 years. There must be a way in which we can tap into the very nature and source of energy, from which all things proceed. Let’s take a look at what has been kept from us, but is now beginning to come to light. Learn more Here, Here, and Here.

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