Become a BILLIONAIRE This Christmas!


There is much to learn about TBC and what it really stands for. I have been part of the TBC community now for a few months and since then we have grown our community more than 2 Million strong. We are rapidly growing our community to one Billion members. By that time, most people will have heard of us.

For many years now, there has been a mental disease that has been spreading across the globe, and it has people living in the fear of poverty and lack. While this is going on, there are just a few people who have most of the money that exists. Don’t you think it’s time to even the odds just a little bit? Make no mistake about it. With TBC we are doing just that. TBC, as mentioned above, is an abundance based cryptocurrency, with a community behind it, which gives it the ability to hold it’s value.

If you want to take part in this mission, that would be great. However, if you are busy with other things, that’s great too, but we would be happy to make you $25000 richer and let you keep doing whatever keeps you busy. Only now you can do it easier because you have more money to help make it easier for you.

The price of the TBC Coin is backed by it’s community which is rapidly growing to 1 Billion Members. We are now 2 Million Members Strong. Our Membership Base is now Growing at a Rate of 50,000+ Members Per Day… Are you Collecting Your 25,000 Free Kringles Today?


All you got to do to become a Billionaire this Christmas of 2017, is to accept the Free gift of 250,000 Kringle, which is worth more than $250,000USD, once you have the kringles, then Buy $100USD worth of extra kringles. And Walla… Through our Cookies Rewards program, you become a Billionaire this Christmas. What Abundance!

Please watch the Video to see how to claim your Free Gift.


NOTE! in the video Randy talks about a 100,000 Kringle Cash gift, however, the Price of the TBC Coin is now much higher. Therefore it has been changed to 25,000 Kringle Cash gift which will be worth $250,000

Claim your FREE Gift Worth $250,000!

Be sure to use the same
Username and Email address
On all 3 Accounts

1. Sign Up With the TBC Community at TheBillionCoin.info
2. Get Your KringleCash Wallet at TBC004.net
3. Create Your Account With the Kringle Cash Program at Kringle.cash 
4. When you’ve completed the above steps, then
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Through our cookie rewards program, you can now become a Billionaire by buying $100 worth of kringles. Learn More

Please Watch This Video to Learn About the TBC Cookie Rewards Program.

The form below is to be used for buying Kringles only. There will be no response to other questions.

If you want to buy more Kringle, I will be happy to walk you through the steps. Please use the contact form below to Contact us.

Subject line: “I Want to Buy Kringle”

 In the message: I need you to put your “Kringle.cash Username,” and tell me how much money worth of Kringles you want to buy.

John Harder

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