Believe The Truth… Life Breath and All Things Good.

Video by DixieVid.com

There are more awesome opportunities online than you can shake a stick at. Question is, which are the right ones for you? You have this urge with you that seeks Success, Prosperity, Financial Freedom, Vibrant Health and so on. Basically, a Wonderful, Joyous and Abundant Life. The real truth is, you should have exactly that.

That same life principle which gives you those desires, also has the power to fulfil those desires in your life. You must tune into your inner divine guidance system. The light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. John 1:9 There is an Infinite Intelligence of Living Spirit from which all  things flow. Your inner desires for wealth health and all things good, is this life principle within you, seeking to express itself in your experience. Seeking to fill your life with joy, peace and abundance it has the power to bring into your life whatever you want. But you must tune into the right frequency in order for this to work. Just like when you want to listen to a specific radio station, you must tune into the frequency of that station.

Whatever your lifestyle is right now, is the lifestyle you are tuned into. If you don’t like it, you can tune into a lifestyle that you really want and your lifestyle will change to that. You must not think that there are any limits to what you can have, do or be. It is just as easy for God to make you wealthy, healthy or anything you want, as it is to make the grass grow or a seed  sprout and grow after it’s kind. You must not look at your current situations, events and circumstances in your life as being the truth. The truth is what is within you. Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. These determine everything else that happens in your life. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Heart means subconscious mind. When you tune in and allow your subconscious mind to bring into your life the things, experiences and lifestyle you want, it will become clear to you which opportunities are right for you and you will succeed. You were born to Succeed.