As an Anarchist, I Believe in True Freedom… Meaning, That of Using the Golden Rule

Peace and freedom are what the average person is interested in. People really are peaceful and generous by nature, and therefore is natural for people to practice the golden rule. The problem that we as humans have kept running into, is that of tyrants which are operating from in the shadows, using governments as puppets, are creating wars, killing Doctors who find real cures, depressing needed technology and so on. Every imaginable crime against humanity that people would be imprisoned for, they’ve committed, and it’s time they step into their own trap.

I believe in living a life of freedom, by practicing the golden rule. Honer every person for the great being that they are and doing my best to provide true information to people as well as helping to build strong local communities where local businesses can prosper and people who want to make a living by means of a day-job can do so in peace and in freedom.

Here is an interview with The Dollar Vigilante


Making Government Obsolete

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