Central Banks

The Truth About The Banking Cartel Hidden in the Shadows

There has been a Jewish family that has been planning for thousands of years to eventually enslave and destroy humanity with complete domination. Like leeches, they’ve been feeding on the sweat and misery of humanity. Using trickery, deceit, disinformation through main media outlets, mind control, murder, wars, false flag attacks and every imaginable means to gain control of just about every country’s government, and the resources the population is in need of. Then forcing all sorts of laws and taxation upon the population by using the schemes and lies that there is scarcity in the world.

This Kind of Thing Can Only Happen when there are Central Governments.

What we need to understand is that when a country has a central leadership, it is too easy to bribe and corrupt its leaders of government, thereby taking control of its resources. Below are some videos to help you understand what the banking cartel is all about.

Discover What the Elite Few Ate Up To



CIA Crime Against Humanity


More to be added.

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