16000I read a so-called review about OnPassive, and it made me wonder how many people are actually making their decisions based on someone else’s opinion about something that someone else actually knew nothing about, Rather than finding people who at least know the owner and see what they say. I realize that different users could, or most definitely would have different experiences too, depending on the user. But, users do have the Intel, onlookers don’t.

What actually is a review anyway? A review is a statement of the experience a user has of a particular product or service. Can an onlooker who knows nothing about what’s actually going on, do an honest review? No, not possible. Can an onlooker give an opinion about what he/she thinks might be going on? Sure. Is it safe to base your decision on someone’s opinion? No, of course not. Is it better and safer to base your opinion on an honest review? Yes Indeed. If for example, a person was launching a new business that was appealing to you, would you be interested to know if that person had other businesses before? For me, the answer is yes. Would you want to know from users of the prior business what their experience was, or the opinion of an onlooker? For me, it’s a user, not an onlooker. Well here’s the thing. Recently I was introduced to a program that is about to launch, and the person that introduced me to it was a user of a program that the same owner had launched several years ago. So I joined because I know and trust the person that introduced me. Not that I was looking for another program to join, but I checked out the potential this new program has and it just didn’t make any sense not to join, once I understood the potential. Now I’m inviting you to take a look at it. Because since I joined just a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had about 6-7 Thousand more people join and this is only because of the number of people who know Ash from his previous business. And it’s not just that, we get a one-year membership as a founding member, for just $97 with a 100% money back guarantee. The actual price of this membership is $997. And the reason I couldn’t stay away from it is 2 fold. Your income is guaranteed to grow and the tools that come with the OnPassive none that we’ve ever known before. They are being invented from scratch. Total cutting-edge tools to grow any business you may already have, or one that you may be involved in. AND, if you don’t have one going at all, that’s perfect too, because OnPassive perfectly fits for just generating an online income that will keep growing residually. What more reason do you need to join right away, before the offer for founding status goes away. Because once we launch, that’s it for this offer. Learn-More-Here!