Reasons why Major Companies Merge or Consolidate in Mani Different Sectors

ImageThe Idea of Consolidation of Companies, in any industry, is basically two-fold. Firstly it eliminates competition, and secondly, it acquires power.

The farming industry has been under a huge influence of the idea of consolidation. It all has to do with the idea that, the fittest survive. It’s a fraud to say the least. Upon much research and studying, information shows that the banking cartels have been using exactly that scenario to get to where they have gotten. Thus having enslaved just about all the people, in every country on this planet. This is why we saw all of these farm equipment companies buying each other out. Small family farms just couldn’t make it anymore. You see the banks have tremendous control over these things. That is why the Rothchild family is so rich and wants to completely dominate every country, and every human being on earth.

This is Not Okay.

This planet has so many resources that all of us as human beings could live lavishly and enjoy life. Using unlimited free energy and a minimal cost for the rest of life’s needs. As long as there are no people taking advantage of other people. But that is where the problem begins. Doesn’t it?

Let’s take steps to correct these problems by beginning to build strong local communities. Bringing business back locally. We need to get together as local groups and plan things that can be done in a joint effort bases. We need to look out for the good of each other and be supportive of each other.

But this is not going to happen as long as we allow the Government to have its destructive fingers in everything we do. The Government is only protecting the major corporations, and the major corporations are supporting the banking cartel. It comes down to one thing. And that is, we need to step up and stop using the monetary system provided by the banks and governments. The Billion Coin has the capacity to do just that for all of us.

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