As intelligent people, every individual has the right to live a joyful life in peace and freedom. Therefore we are creators of things. We have the capability to create anything we need to improve life’s qualities in comfort, abundance, health, and happiness. For many years our freedom to advance in technologies and in creation has been suppressed, by the banking cartels, through the use of governmental forces. And because of their greed, hunger for power, and our willingness to support them, by using their monetary system. We have brought much destruction to ourselves as people and to our planet.

Time for a New Chapter.

I believe we need to begin implementing our own monetary system that is not controlled by any government or central banking system. Learn more here.

We Deserve to Enjoy Unlimited Free Energy.

Energy is one of the most suppressed technologies we have been facing for the past 100 years. There must be a way in which we can tap into the very nature and source of energy, from which all things proceed. Let’s take a look at what has been kept from us, but is now beginning to come to light. Learn more Here, Here,and Here.

This is an Amazing Hangout

More to be added.

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