The Desires to Prosper in Life, Are a Cosmic Urge for Expression

AbundanceLife is not static, it is movement. Mind is movement and thoughts therefore are creative. This is the reason our thoughts always flow and we can never stop thinking, while we’re awake. Life must always move, creating an urge for advancement. Nature displays this urge beautifully. You can see it in the flowers, trees, grass, animals and all of nature. As mind moves, it continually and lavishly displays the result of the thought movement of the one and indivisible life principle through which all things flow. All men and women therefore have this urge for expansion, prosperity, abundance, vibrant health and all things good within them.

Man is Basically Good…

There is no evil or fallen nature within man, as some may claim, through some strange, false interpretation of the scriptures or any other weird teachings which degrade and generate negative thoughts and feelings within men and women. It is through lack of understanding how mind works that false beliefs come about.

You need to understand that these desires for advancement and prosperity, which are within each one of us, are a cosmic urge for life seeking to express itself through us. This urge also come with the capability to manifest our every desire. Thoughts are the only thing man has been given control over. By changing your thought patterns, you can change your life. Your beliefs are shaped by your thought patterns and as you believe so it happens in your life. If you believe in wealth, you become wealthy. If you believe in health, you become healthy. Beliefs of good can only come to you when all ill thinking about other people has turned into thoughts of love and well wishes for everyone. Imagine the joy that would flood your soul if you had only thoughts of love toward everyone and you had all the wealth you wanted. This is the divine truth of God and you can begin adapting it’s wonderful powers into your life experiences.

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