To Become Wealthy is a Decision for You to Make

The first principle is to make a decision to be wealthy.

Decide NowNot tomorrow, not in a year from now and not later on today. This is a decision you must make once and for all, crystal clear in your mind.

You see, the reason you do not have the wealth, health or whatever it is you want, is because you have not made a decision to have it. You are only dwelling on the fact that you don’t have it and doing so, keeps it from you. Because you are putting your energy into not having it, so you don’t have it.

You will remain not having it, until you begin to say you do have it. Doing this, creates it on the spiritual plain and everything that is created on the spiritual plain, must show up on the physical. Remember, when you’ve made a decision to be wealthy, you are from then on, wealthy in your mind. You must from then on, believe it within yourself, that it is absolutely true. Just like when you plant a seed in the ground. You know you’ve planted it and as you keep watering it, it must become a plant.

The bible says; hast thou faith, have it to thyself before God.

That means it is nobody else’s business. This is your decision to be wealthy and God will not give it to you if you fill your mind with fears and doubts asking other people’s opinions. Remember also, the only people qualified to give you advice about wealth, are people who are wealthy and are enjoying all of the wonderful blessings of the divine.



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